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Cannot connect Flexera gateway to FNMS

We just upgraded to 2020 R1 on a new server and we are trying to register FNMS with the gateway.  We continue to get the error Login Failed.  We've tried all the username/passwords in the docs and they all produce the same error.  




11:20:01:70 AM :: Error: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.

11:20:17:74 AM :: Error: SQL logic error or missing database

no such table: Users

11:20:24:97 AM :: Error: SQL logic error or missing database

no such table: Users

11:20:27:39 AM :: Error: SQL logic error or missing database

no such table: Users

(2) Replies

When you say you recently upgraded to 2020 R1, I assume you're talking about FNMS 2020 R1?  Where is your FSG role installed?  Is it on your App Broker server, your FNMS server, or somewhere else?  Have you checked both your client and the server to ensure they are configured with all the correct TLS/crypto settings?  Have you tried running the registration tool directly on the server where the FSG is installed?  Have you tried using the FSGEdit.exe tool on the FSG server to manually re-register the correct endpoint?  Can you try uninstalling the FSG (be sure to manually remove any files/folders left behind) and reinstalling the FSG, then re-registering your application endpoints?

If you are using the registration tool that gets downloaded from FNMS, the username/password that it prompts for should be admin/admin.  If you are using the FSGEdit.exe tool, I believe it uses admin/Flexera!.

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The gateway is installed on its own server (Windows 2019).  We uninstalled/reinstalled), disabled FIPS and still have the same errors.  I'm not sure what's going on..  I think we'll need to log a ticket because we need to go live with FNMS on premise upgrade  this week and make sure its talking to App Portal.  TLS settings were checked