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COGNOS Service Account Password Update

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Besides the ICAPool in IIS and the IBM Cognos Service is there another (potentially embedded) place where the service account password is used? After changing the password in these 2 locations the services started up successfully but the analytics sign-in fails for users and the cognos logs show "401 unauthorized" errors.

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There's a lot of IBM articles available in their community but you may prefer to raise a support case to get assistance in troubleshooting your specific issue from Flexera Support.


Hi there! 

Did you check the IBM Cognos Configuration application? I can find it on my server by searching for it by name in the start menu. Typical install path appears to be Program Files\ReportDesigner\c10_64\bin64 and the exe name is cogconfigw.exe


There's a whackton of settings in there. Not sure what they're all for as I only needed to update some DB server configs, but there are several options for various types of credentials.