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COGNOS Compatibility with WIN SERVER 2016 and/orWIN SQL Server 2022

Is COGNOS compatible and/or supported with WIN SERVER 2016, as well as WIN SQL Server 2022?

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Hi @zigmand,

According to the system requirements, Windows Server 2016 is supported however SQL Server 2022 is not supported for IBM Cognos version 11.1.7 and version 11.0.13. You can find information about supported versions of prerequisite software on the following page:




I appreciate the response on the support, but I also have a question about the capability.... will COGNOS even work with WIN SERVER 2016, as well as WIN SQL Server 2022?

Hi @zigmand,

Yes, if an operating system or software component is listed in the system requirements for a particular release then it indicates that it has been tested and verified by the Flexera team. You haven't mentioned the version of FNMS you are using but for FNMS 2023 R2 the system requirements link shared lists Windows Server 2016 as a supported (tested) platform for both Cognos 11.0.13 and 11.1.7

I can't comment on whether SQL Server 2022 would ever work despite it being an unsupported platform however since IBM do not list supporting I suspect it may not be (the following appears to have been updated as recently as March 2024):