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CITRIX Integration Issue

Good day

I am trying to configure a CITRIX Connection  for a POC. The following is done:


  1. Staging DB is created. But it is created on an Instance ie BSABNVPSQL038\TRIPWIRE
  2. Username and passwords are correct and have the correct rights assigned
  3. Agent is copied to the right directory
  4. When we run the task after configuring it in Task Manager it fails. There are no error logs produced
  5. When running it through command line we get the error attached.

Can you please advise as what i am missing?


What could be the issue?

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Hi ,

This is how i would troubleshoot the above issue

1.Please verify that if SQL DB port is configured on a Custom port other than TCP1433 in the SQL Configuration Manager.

2. Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 if not enabled in the SQL server and disable TLS 1.0 if enabled and check.



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