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Business Adapter to be created to read a CSV file

Good Day All

We are assisting a client to build a business adapter to bring in information from Oracle EBS. They have created a CSV file for us to use (see attached), however we have a question on that:

A quick check, when opening the attached file in Excel because one of the fields in the extracted file contains a comma, it breaks and we end up with two columns instead of one when opening CSV in Excel.

So when doing a text-to-column operation to view the dataset in their respective column format it does not work well.

Apparently it will only happens with Excel.

Can you confirm we won’t have this issue with business adapter and lose some data during processing, the separator character is obviously not the comma but the pipe (|) ?

Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Manish,

It should work with the pipe symbol. But I guess you'll have to use a schema.ini file to declare the delimiter and set the delimiter inside the BAS to "None".

Best regards,