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Re: Business Adapter rejected rows

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It looks like the import is not configured to log details of rejected rows. You can configure that in the properties on the import node in the Business Adapter Studio:


One possible cause of the rejected rows is that you may have some records in the source FNMSStaging.dbo.v_FNMS_Computers_rejoined table that have a NULL value in either the ComputerName or serialno column.

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Re: Business Adapter rejected rows

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And as a result I do not think you will get the detail you hope for in terms of which rows are rejected.

You do need to focus on cleaning the data in source and destination. Ultimately this needs to be a one to one update.


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Re: Business Adapter rejected rows

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Hi @ChrisG,

wow, right on point!!! 

I enabled Tracing for Rejected records in the business adapter and now I can see the Rows with rejection messages hyperlink in the FNMS UI :) Screenshot:


Also when I run query to [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ECMImportLog_Detail] view I can see the rejected rows with the message for each row.

Amazing, thanks so much Chris :) I didn't know what is that for, now I know :)

All have a nice day and weekend :)