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Bulk Contract creation

We have FNMS 2017 R2 on-prem and want to create Contract on Bulk.

Is there any way to create it on bulk? via adapt

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@msutharh - Yes, you can put all of your Contract Data into a spreadsheet and then create a Business Adapter to load them.

@kclausenI have created one excel file with all the required details and created business adapter. But a little confuse while mapping with excel data.

A good way to handle this scenario is to perform data analysis:

1) Review the FlexNet Manager user interface for a Contract and determine what fields within FlexNet you want to populate with your contract data.  On-line Help can provide some guidance on the different data fields.

2) As a test, try creating a couple of contracts manually through the User Interface.

3) Create an Excel spreadsheet and for the column names, use the FlexNet Manager names you see in the user interface that you want to populate with data

4) Copy your contract data into this spreadsheet, into the appropriate columns

5) You can now create your business adapter and the column names in the spreadsheet align with the field in the Business Adapter data model for contracts.