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Beacons Upload Logs Coming From Agents ... Where Do They Go In The Database?

Hi all ...

When you drill down into Beacon status in the FNMS UI, the "Inventory beacon upload status" page shows you the number of files of each import type that are getting uploaded to FNMS.

One of the import types is "logs".

What log is getting uploaded - is it the Inventory (tracker) log?

When it gets to FNMS, in which database and table(s) are these logs being stored?


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

These are internal logs related packages that get downloaded and installed when agent policy updates occur. The logs report the success or failure of operations to download and install packages that are referenced in agent policies.

The details get stored and are accessible through the Installation view in the inventory database in FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises systems.

This data is rarely used, but may be helpful for some type of troubleshooting exercises.

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