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Beacon app is not launching and throwing different errors and inventory import is showing as pending

Hi Forum,

we are facing multiple errors while trying to open the beacon app in an onprem setup with batch and beacon services running on the same server, please find the errors and suggest.

Error 1: An error occurred loading data from the beacon service: The operation cannot be completed because the pipe was closed. This may have been caused by the application on the other end of pipe exiting.

Error2: An error occurred loading data from the beacon service: The communication object, system.ServiceModel.channels.service channel, cannot be used for communication because its in faulted state.

The other issue is Inventory import is showing as pending for sccm, sap because office 365 is getting failed because of the 400 bad error. is there any dependency on the inventory impport of O365 which is causing other imports pending? only Import to staging is getting completed for FNMP, SCCM and SAP.

Appreciate your help



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Level 7 Champion

Beacons running on Batch servers work differently.
The account opening the beacon console needs to have r/w access to the FNMSCompliance database, as any changes to inventory connection etc will be made directly into the ComplianceConnections table.

For the Inventory import failing, you'll need to either:
1) move the o365 connection to a child beacon, OR
2) separate out each inventory connection into their own scheduled task, with the final FNMS connection import also giving the -ChainWriters option, which then kicks off the reconciliation. Also disable the default 2am reconcile.

I recommend option 1, in fact if you can move all the connections to a beacon not installed on the batch server, that's a better design, as any inventory connections failing wont impede the reconcilation.

I hope that helps.

Hi Jason,

we don't have an option to move the integrations as we have only 1 beacon and that too on a batch server. let me check to separate the inventory import to individual tasks as you suggested.

Thanks for your inputs.



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See the FNMS System Reference guide, the section "Batch Scheduler Command Line".

You'll need to do something like
ShadowHostWin.exe BatchProcessTask.exe run InventoryImport ---s """INVENTORYCONNECTIONNAMEHERE"""

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Hi ,

Able to resolve the inventory import by disabling the O365import and doing a full manual reconcile did the trick.

Now the issue with the beacon app remains the same and when trying to uninstall/repair its not allowing us to do that as well and showing the error attached. Not sure why its referring to an msi file as we use .exe file for installing the beacon.

Appreciate any leads.


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