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Beacon Configuration On Premises

The current configuration of the Beacon's : Both Beacon's use the same Service Account


Beacon A - Has 1/2 the subnets assigned

Beacon B - Has 1/2 the subnets assigned

B- Child Beacon C

No data is being collected by B or C. 

What is missing that Beacon 2  is not collecting data.



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I suppose this is a duplicate of Beacon and Inventory Configuration ?


I was told it was for load balancing. But only 1 beacon is gathering data. They said originally, they had one on the same server as the batch server and the second one on a separate server but then they moved both to separate servers and they are supposed to be load balancing but only one is gathering data and the I looked at the registry file for one that is reporting to beacon 1 and it says host is bootstrap 1.


The bootstrap registry record is a "left over" from the deployment, i.e. beacon 1 was referenced during the initial agent deployment and used for the very first initial policy download and inventory upload. The policy download will then inform the agent about other potential beacons available, and as already explained in Beacon and Inventory Configuration the agent will run through the list of potential beacons to upload and then based on the algorithms decide on the most appropriate and upload to it. The agent's tracker.log file will provide details about the beacon selection process and the decision made...