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Automation of data processing of the datalake

My client want to automate data processing from datalake to FNMS.

Right now: my client is retrieving the data from Hive (a BigData tool) and using it, then dropping the data onto the beacon, which consumes the file and imports it into the business adapter.

What my client want to set up:  connection of the Hive and the MS SQL server of the SQL server (with a JDBC connection), retrieving the data with a request from SQL server of Hive (knowing that Hive can process the data and return them to the FNMS format).

Do you think it is feasible to set up this connection? If it is feasible, can we integrate data from MS SQL with Hive?
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It's not entirely clear to me which type of integration your client is requesting, but you can use the Business Adapter Studio to create an adapter that connects to the underlying Hive (SQL Server?) database and extracts the data that then gets imported by the beacon. (You may want to refer to the Business Adapter Studio Practice Guide for investigating your options further...)

If your client is requesting a direct Hive (SQL Server?) -> FlexNet Manager SQL Server connection then yes that would be possible if FlexNet Manager is installed on-premise, but also please be aware that Flexera wouldn't support you if such integration caused database corruption or any other unwanted complications as a result of direct SQL updates to its underlying repository.