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Attributing a location to a device via beacon location

Hi Guys,

I have set up a local child beacon in one our environments, and we have circa about 200 agents that are connecting to this beacon.

I am looking to apply a location in ownership to the devices that are reporting in via this beacon. Is there a simple way to do this?


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Hi @bmaudlin,

If you have an exhaustive list of the devices, seems that a business adapter would be a fairly straightforward way to apply this change in bulk:



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@jjensen okay thank you for the reply, so currently there is no automated way via the beacon to carry out this functionality. Is my understanding. 


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This has been requested repeatedly. Som eof my colleagues have deployed customizationis to achieve this by writing additional data to the NDIs (either file name or file content) when they are process by the Beacon. And by processed I mean the files are changed before being uploaded. On the receiving end you can then interpret that information and allocate machines based on that to business units or licenses.

I would say this is complex and hard to maintain and therefore not worth the effort for 200 machines. But it's possible.

Don't you have something else that  you could use, like specific range of IPs?

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Hi @mfranz 

Right okay, so basically out of the box we currently do not have this functionality. So although this environment is small, this was really to be used as a test case for wider rollout further down the line. Most environments have somewhere between 2k devices up to about 20k.

So for this environment IP range would be fine, however not for all of our environments. 

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