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Application download link


Wonder if any one can point me in the direction of a down load link for FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications 2019 R1 please or the process I need to go though to get hold of it ?


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you should be able to grab this from your PLC, I'm aware the process may have changed recently for customers however due to the webpage updates, I will ask internally to see if there is a concise guide available
Log into Community -> Other Resources dropdown -> Product and License Center -> "Let's Go!" button
At that point, they're in the PLC (either 1.0 or 2.0) and everything should be available
You also see this here on the right:

Thanks for the reply dcollins 

but I don't seem to have these options ?

@Ramiel  - do you own an active license for FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications?  FNMEA requires a separate license and is not included with FlexNet Manager Suite.

The Company that I work for does but I don't think my account is linked to it how do I link my account to my company's account ?

Hi - I can help you get set-up. Can you email me your company name (
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