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Apple Silicon(Arm64)/JAMF

We are currently on FNMS v2019 R2.  JAMF is currently on prem but moving to the cloud.  We are being told that Apple Silicon is not supported on our current version and if this is the case, we will not be able to collect JAMF data.  While we are not ready to upgrade, does anyone know of any workarounds other than a manual one-off upload? 

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@trachsma - I am not sure that I understand your question in reference to Flexera.

Do you mean that the current version of JAMF that you have does not support Apple Silicon (ARM) processor chip?  If that is the issue, then I am not sure how the Community can help, unless you are considering upgrading to a newer version of JAMF when you migrate to JAMF Cloud.

Your other option would be to use the Flexera Agent on your newer MAC devices until you upgrade JAMF.

For clarity, Apple Silicon is not supported with FNMS 2019 R1 agent which we are currently running. 

@trachsma - First, I suggest you start to plan for an FNMS Upgrade.  You are on a version that is over 3 years old and has already entered into the Extended Life Cycle and will be EOL in 2023.

Until you upgrade FNMS and have access to a newer agent that supports the new OSX Platform, your option would be to import inventory from JAMF - either a Custom Adapter or through Flat File imports.

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Even though you are running an old FNMS version on the application server, use a newer version of the agent on your M1 Macs anyway. You might have issues that you do not see logged in user, serial number, and maybe some more.. but the application inventory should work anyway. 

To add to what @mag00_75 posted, I'm in this same situation (2019 R1 as the Application Server, though I don't have any M1 macs at the moment).  The 2021 R1 mac agent works just fine with the 2019 R1 Application Server; we've done some tests with it and didn't see any issues.