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AppOffline Flexera+Beacon

The IIS logs of one of our beacons is showing the following errors. Has anyone seen this before?

I have ensured that inventory-beacon, managesoftrl, managesoftdl are using anonymous authentication and the Flexera Beacon App Pool is running.

2020-07-13 14:23:53 <incoming ip address> 49318 <beacon ip address> 443 HTTP/1.0 OPTIONS /ManageSoftRL 503 1 AppOffline Flexera+Beacon
2020-07-13 14:23:53 <incoming ip address> 49319 <beacon ip address> 443 HTTP/1.0 MKCOL /ManageSoftRL 503 1 AppOffline Flexera+Beacon

2020-07-14 23:12:50 <incoming ip address> 56026 <beacon ip address> 80 HTTP/1.0 GET / 404 - NotFound -

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Hi dbeckner, 

I have not seen the message that you mention before, But do you recognize the  <incoming ip address> from the message? Is this one of your agents, another component of FNMS, or some unknown IP address? 

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Hi Jeremy,

We have about 350 agents attempting to connect to that beacon. The incoming ip's are from those agents.
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Hi @dbeckner ,

Did you try to reinstall the beacon software on server? Some times this helps. Is the beacon in sync with app server?

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Citing from the Microsoft documentation:

.. a web application (can be taken) offline for the duration of an automated deployment using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Deployment Tool (Web Deploy). Users who browse to the web application are redirected to an App_offline.htm file until the deployment is complete.

Can you check if IiS and ASP.NET have been taken offline temporarily on this Beacon (i.e. for maintenance), please?

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