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Anyone using Certero for Software asset management?

We're looking at supplementing our SCCM environment with a fully featured software asset / license management system. We've looked at Certero, Snow, and Flexera. After demos and q&a sessions with all three, we're strongly leaning towards Certero.

the three, and based on our demos, we'd rank these three products the same as shown with the peer reviews, i.e. Certero > Snow > Flexera.

Does anyone have any experience with Certero, positive or negative?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your post and interesting you are looking into the tool set of another vendor. The Gartner key capabilities report has FlexNet Manager scores highest in 7 of the 9 Critical Capabilities and with all 5 use case categories. The tool you mentioned is not in the Gartner SAM MQ. You won't find many users of the third party tool here as this is a FlexNet Manager forum.

We would love to understand your point of you and decision process better, I'd be happy to take your PM (email address in may profile),

Thank you


Senior Solution Architect in the SE team
(Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera)