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Agent only inventor only Hardware not the Software


I have noticed that the .ndi files only contains hardware information and not any software information.

When I look in the tracker.log I see the following execution.

Program arguments are '/opt/managesoft/libexec/ndtrack -o InventoryType=Machine -o WMI=true -o Hardware=true -o ManageSoftPackages=false -o MSI=false -o PlatformSpecificPackages=false -o Software=false -o TrackProductKey=false -o IncludeRegistryKey= -o IncludeDirectory= -o EmbedFileContentDirectory= -o OnlyGenerateIfHardwareChanged=true -o PerformSymantecSFScan=false -o PerformIBMWebSphereMQScan=false -o InventorySettingsPath= -o UserInteractionLevel=Quiet'

I see the same on Windows and LINUX machines. 

I expect some to see like /opt/managesoft/libexec/ndtrack - t machine

Where is configured which parameters are executed? 



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Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Hello Frank,

Do you use the Full agent or light weight with only

The agent settings are stored in the config.ini. 

In your case it looks like you execute an scan with no Software scan enabled:

-o Software=false 

If you change this to -o Software=true 

Best Regards


Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Hi Frank,

I expect this is normal behaviour and related to the enablement of IBM PVU scanning, specifically the option "Enable frequent hardware scanning for IBM PVU license calculations" under Discovery & Inventory > Settings.

With this feature enabled, agents run a hardware only scan every 30 minutes.  In the logs you should also see a less frequent full scan (typically daily).


Yes after yesterday investigation it was related to the 30 min PVU run and the full scan is a little hidden in the logfile for that overseen.