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Agent install not applying the configuration correctly

By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hi Guys,

I wondered if you can help, I am currently troubleshooting a number of Windows based agents that are not correctly connecting to our inventory servers. 

When diagnosing this issue it become apparent that when installing the agent using the FlexNet Inventory Agent msi, the settings configured in mgssetup are not being applied correctly, namely the Bootstrap DL and UL elements. We have auto priority switched off, and we configure the agent to report into a FQDN.

These settings are not being applied, and we see the agent trying to connect to the hostname of the beacons that we have installed, and then the connection fails.

The user is installing using domain admin rights.

Any thoughts why this would be?


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Hi @bmaudlin 

could you please post some log file of a fresh installed agent running into this issue?

C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft ... (Installation.log, upload.log) an your mgssetup.ini.


Thanks and Best, Dennis

Hey @dennis_reinhardt,

So this is a global agent rollout via a mix of auto deployment and manual installs, and out of the 50k agents deployed, only 12 have this issue that are being manually installed by an end user, as domain admin on a server.

Looking at the logs, we can see that the mgssetup.ini configuration is not being applied as I would expect. 

Would it be a permissions issue on the end user?


One constraint to be aware of is that the SYSTEM account on the computer the agent is being installed on must have read access to the mgssetup.ini file that sits alongside the "FlexNet Inventory Agent.msi" file. This may not be guaranteed if the agent MSI package is being installed from a file share: it is possible the installing user has access to the file share to read the .msi and .cab file (which is sufficient to do the agent install), but the SYSTEM user doesn't have access to the share to read the .ini file.

If the mgssetup.ini file cannot be read then the agent install will proceed as if the .ini file is not there.

The Windows Installer transform used in the bespoke agent installation process discussed in the following post contains a check to verify that the mgssetup.ini file has actually been found/applied, and will cause the agent install to fail if not: FNMS Inventory Agent Deployment.

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@ChrisG  Thanks for the response, so the install files are located on the local device. The end user is a domain administrator, so I am out of ideas.



Please create a support case to get assistance troubleshooting your issue, and please inform the community about its resolution if you think other forum members could benefit from it.


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Ben,

The agent will always update its settings from what the beacon/app server will provide.

These settings are not being applied, and we see the agent trying to connect to the hostname of the beacons that we have installed, and then the connection fails.

This sounds like the agent might have installed correctly at first (including the FQDN), then updated its settings (the hostname) from the beacon (using the FQDN) and then being stuck because the hostname does not work. You might need to update the beacon's seetings to report the FQDN "up" to FNMS, so that all agents get that information downloaded.

Best regards,