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Agent deploy port with adoption


I cannot find in the documentation which port I need to open from beacon to target devices to allow adoption of targets with automatic agent deploy.

Do any of you have this information?


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Default ports are 445 for SMB on Windows and 22 for SSH on Unix to do remote agent installations.

See also documentation page 44, point 3


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Another documentation source which is helpful for understanding port requirements is the Ports and URLs for Inventory Beacons online help page.

With that said, if you are needing to worry about opening ports to allow remote execution/adoption, then that may be at least an orange flag to indicate that using the built-in remote execution capability in FlexNet Manager Suite may not be the most appropriate approach here. This capability is good to use in simple and small scale environments, but in many real world environments it will often be easier to use your normal software deployment processes to get the agent deployed which will likely be more robust and directly suited to the specific networks you are operating in.

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