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Adobe has changed their SKU#s?

We just signed a new Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement  (eff 12/1/21), for Named User licenses administered through the Adobe Admin Console. Come to find out, per our reseller, that Adobe has completely changed their product sku#s, even the format, which are not currently recognized in FlexNet Manager's SKU library. Before we submit a support case, is an update for Adobe's SKU#s already in the works?

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Although Flexera's content team continuously adds SKU's to its libraries I would recommend that you submit a support case to make sure that all the SKU's you need added are included.


From a quick browse of Adobe documents, there are no specific announcements for restructuring the SKUs, however this Adobe help page last updated on June 2021, talks about 'SKU descriptions being updated for enterprise products' and the plan was to roll that in Q4 2018 (!! 2018?) and the reason for update is to make the descriptions more customer-friendly and easier to understand the purchased product by hinting the details in short forms.

This Adobe news site usually documents their updates categorically date wise. I tried here but no luck.

As suggested, kindly share the SKUs you've received which are currently not part of Flexera SKU library. We will try to substantiate the news, while adding it to the library. 

Hello. I have attached the list of new Adobe SKU#s we rec'd from our new ETLA to this response. Also, we have submitted this same late through a support case.