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Account is getting access denied

We have setup multiple users without any issues but I have one user that it getting access denied from our instance. I have validated that we have the correct account and all the data is accurate. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you

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When the user tries to log in to FNMS they should see the details of the error message at the end of the URL. For example, the error message may display as In this example, the User would not be assigned a role to login

The last section of the URL is the reason that the user can not log in. If you let us know what that error is we can provide more details

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The user has been setup for a role. He is the only person getting this error. 

Seeing that URL makes it sound like this account has somehow been configured as a service (non-interactive) account. You can check that by viewing the “system menu > Accounts” page, and adding the “Type” column to the accounts grid:


If it turns out this account has indeed been configured as a service account, the question will be if/how that can be changed. I don’t know the answer to that off the top of my head sorry!


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Hello @rclark0,

Based on the 'InteractiveAccessNotAllowed' portion of the URL, seems that the operator may have mistakenly been created as a service account rather than an interactive one.

This KB should be of some use to you: Changing a Service Account into an Interactive Account 



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