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AWS Inventory with EC2 Beacon, region setting in powershell

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

We are running 2019R2 on-premise with a beacon in AWS to be able to fetch the instance data directly thru IAM roles assigned to the beacon instance. The powershell script do not check which region the beacon server is installed in (which I think should be improved), so we need to add the default region somehow. Any thoughts where it shall be defined for the out of the box adapter? - It works if we logon and run powershell as administrator and run Set-DefaultAwsRegion -region eu-north-1 and then starts the batch job. But it doesn't stick if we logout. - It doesn't work to set the commands and region variable in the $profile.AllUsersAllHosts $StoredAWSRegion=’eu-north-1’ Set-DefaultAwsRegion -region eu-north-1

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I believe this is another duplicate of

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