www.managesoft.com & update.managesoft.com - IP Address and SSL Certificate changes for FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises

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Flexera will be making some network changes to www.managesoft.com and update.managesoft.com endpoints, and as a result, the IP address and SSL certificates for the above domains will change.


These domains are used to deliver the ARL/PURL update files for our FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises customers.


If any of our customers have whitelisted the www.mangesoft.com or update.managesoft.com site by the IP address to get the ARL/PURL updates in their environment, they will need to add/update the new IP address to the whitelist before the scheduled activity planned date.


As part of the change, we will be moving to a new SSL certificate as well. Therefore, if the customer uses SSL whitelisting, it needs to be updated with the new certificate information.


Scheduled activity planned date:

CST: June 28th 2021 - 3:00 PM

UTC: June 28th 2021 - 8:00 PM


New IP Addresses:


New SSL Certificate information: