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The SKU, Product Use Rights Libraries (PURL) and Bundles libraries, used by FlexNet Manager Suite, have been updated. For on premise customers the SKU/PURL/Bundles libraries have been published and are now available. 

Customers of FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud will have this update applied by the Recognition Data Import task and be available on Monday, Nov 15th 2021 in your time zone. 

What's new in this release

  • 1034 Adobe Creative Cloud SKUs have been updated for its license type as 'Named User'

  • Two IBM bundles listed below had RedHat applications marked as primary. According to IBM License Information Documents, RedHat products are restricted and/or separately licensed and hence all RedHat applications have been removed from IBM bundle. 
    1. IBM Cloud Pak for Data DataStage and
    2. IBM Cloud Pak for Data DataStage for Non-Production

  • 11,000 VMware SKUs have been mapped to its respective PURL templates. 
  • 6800 new SKUs have been added. The following table provides an overview of the number of SKUs with respect to publisher: 

S No


Newly added SKUs








ACD Systems












  • Library information are as follows,
    1. Total number of SKUs in the library is 2,136,587 across 906 publishers.
    2. Total number of PURL templates is 3,662 across 44 publishers.
    3. Total number of published Bundles is 4,453 across 21 publishers.

How can I verify that my SKU Library has been updated? 

You can inspect the changed data in the SKU Library with the SKU Library Update Report. If you do not already have a copy of this report installed, you can obtain the latest version of the report (and installation instructions) from Flexera Software knowledge base article M100955 available from the Flexera Software Knowledge Center at

Please note to access the link it ‘Requires login to the Flexera Customer Community’.

How do I report issues with SKU Library updates? 

Should you have any issues related to SKU/PURL processing with FlexNet Manager Suite, please send an email to your regular Flexera Software Support address:


The regular schedule for SKU/PURL updates 

We expect the next update to the PURL & SKU Library to be available on Friday, Nov 26th 2021.  The libraries are available as soon as published and are updated daily via the Recognition Data Import task,

or as otherwise reflected in your local configuration. Customers of FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud will have this update applied by Monday, Nov 29th 2021 in your time zone.


Downloading the SKU/PURL Libraries Manually 

The SKU/PURL library updates can be downloaded from the Flexera Product and Licensing Center (PLC 2.0). 

Instructions for downloading the libraries can be located in the following KB article:

Monthly updates are our minimum commitment. We may also provide additional updates from time to time based on customer demand. We will continue to send email alerts to announce each update.

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