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Content Change Notification - Virtual Processor Core (VPC) metric for IBM Cloud Paks - CHANGE OF DATE TO 11/20/2020

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Introduction of Virtual Processor Core (VPC) metric for IBM Cloud Paks to support IBM VPC Licensing capability

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Customers should take action

Change Summary

IBM now sells software licenses through ‘IBM Cloud Paks’, a new form of multi-product bundle license which is primarily licensed on a Virtual Processor Core (VPC) metric.

The FNMS 2020 R2 release of FlexNet Manager Suite includes a new IBM Virtual Processor Core (VPC) license type for non-containerized infrastructure in order to support IBM Cloud Paks and other software licensed on a VPC basis.

FlexNet Manager Suite SKU, PURL, and bundle library content will be updated to support IBM Cloud Paks.


Content libraries are changing to supplement the new VPC metric. The current ARL with Build #2566 released on 7th Nov 2020 contains changes specific to VPC in the Points Rule Set in the FNMS user interface.  The SKU, PURL and bundle licensing content libraries will be released on 20th Nov 2020.

Changes include:

  • 74 existing IBM Cloud Pak SKUs are being updated from ‘PVU’ to the new metric ‘VPC’.
  • Eight new SKUs are being added to the SKU library for ‘Information Server Extension for IBM Cloud Pak for Data’.
  • The IBM PURL will be updated with VPC license templates linked to the new points rule set.
  • Eight new Cloud Pak bundles are being published:

1.      IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0

2.      IBM Cloud Pak for Applications 4.2

3.      IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.3

4.      IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 2.1

5.      IBM Cloud Pak for Data Standard Edition 3.0

6.      IBM Cloud Pak for Data Enterprise Edition 3.0

7.      IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.4

8.      IBM Information Server Extension for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 11.7

Customer action may be required – please read the FlexNet Manager Blog article announcing the VPC update for details.

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So only 2020 R2 gets the update?  Is there a plan if we are on an older version? (ie 2019 R2)

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@JenMaier - to make full use of the content updates described in this post, new functional capabilities in FlexNet Manager Suite are needed. These capabilities will be included in the November FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud update, and in the FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises 2020 R2 release. Older versions of FlexNet Manager Suite do not provide functionality to model VPC license metrics.