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Change Title


IBM to Acoustic Product divestiture

Class 2

Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

Content teams will be bringing all its libraries up to date for the software products that were divested by IBM to Acoustic. This will mean that products previously owned by IBM and currently with Acoustic will have its Publisher value updated to Acoustic. These updates are expected to be released next week via the ARL and PURL/SKU libraries, scheduled for 25th June 2021.


This change will impact customers who have the divested Acoustic products installed in their enterprise and have its effective license positions. Customers will notice that the Publisher name for the products will change from IBM to Acoustic.

It is expected that the legacy IBM SKUs under which Acoustic products were previously marketed will remain as is unless Acoustic announce the SKUs to be updated or release a new set of SKUs under their brand.  

It is also expected that Bundles which contain an IBM primary product divested to Acoustic will remain as is, however those bundles which have ‘IBM’ in the name will be updated to ‘Acoustic’.

The impact to the product usage rights in the PURL is as follows:

  • Acoustic will be added to the list of Publishers supported with specific PURL entries.
  • As an independent Publisher, Acoustic will maintain the usage rights for products it has acquired from IBM.
  • From a technical/delivery perspective, Acoustic usage rights will be included in IBM PURL cab file.   

Listed below are 17 software products in scope that will have the Publisher name updated:

  1. Tealeaf Archive Reader
  2. Tealeaf CX
  3. Tealeaf CX Mobile
  4. Tealeaf cxConnect
  5. Tealeaf cxConnect for Data Analysis
  6. Tealeaf cxConnect for Voice of Customer
  7. Tealeaf cxConnect for Web Analytics
  8. Tealeaf cxImpact
  9. Tealeaf cxOverstat
  10. Tealeaf cxResults
  11. Tealeaf cxReveal
  12. Tealeaf cxVerify
  13. Tealeaf cxView
  14. Tealeaf Packet Forwarder
  15. Tealeaf Passive Capture Application
  16. Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer
  17. Tealeaf Selective Deletion

Next Steps:

Customers with above listed Tealeaf products need to make sure they update their ARL and SKU/PURL/Bundles cab files to the latest build.

We have tested the implications of this change and the results were as expected. There are no undesired recommendations seen after ARL, SKU and PURL builds are updated.