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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Db2 Product Changes

In order to accommodate specific PVU licensing rules (where DB2 Enterprise Server is primary and DB2 for Workgroup is supplementary) or VPC rules where the ratios are not the same for different editions, it has been decided to have the various DB2 editions managed under different products. A similar change was implemented in April 2022 with WebSphere Application Server Application Server Network Deployment

The changes are listed below. The licenses that link to these applications will need to be checked. The licenses after ARL import will still link to the same applications but will need to be checked for upgrade and downgrade rights. 

The Db2 product change for below four Editions will be taken care with all the versions available in ARL.

  • Advanced Enterprise Server,
  • Enterprise Server,
  • Advanced Workgroup Server
  • Workgroup Server

Previous Full Name

 Previous Product

New Full Name

New Product

DB2 11.5 Advanced Enterprise Server


DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server 11.5

DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server

DB2 11.5 Enterprise Server


DB2 Enterprise Server 11.5

DB2 Enterprise Server

DB2 11.5 Advanced Workgroup Server


DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server 11.5

DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server

DB2 11.5 Workgroup Server


DB2 Workgroup Server 11.5

DB2 Workgroup Server


WebSphere MQ Server for Advanced edition - Product changes

The same licensing constraints as for DB2 lead us to splitting the editions of WebSphere MQ Server into multiple products.

The WebSphere MQ Server Product Change for Advanced Edition will be taken care for all the versions available in ARL.

Previous Full Name

Previous Product

New Full Name

New Product

WebSphere MQ Server 7.5 Advanced

WebSphere MQ Server

WebSphere MQ Server Advanced 7.5

WebSphere MQ Server Advanced


Publisher Change:

There have been IBM I2 product which is now with Harris publisher. Flexera will be bringing the Content libraries up to date for I2 product that were acquired by Harris. This will mean that below mentioned products (attached in the spreadsheet) now owned by Harris will change to have ‘Harris’ as the publisher.


Changes are expected to be released in the February 24th, 2023 Content release.

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By Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran
Level 4


With version 11.5 IBM introduced new DB2 editions with old editions being grouped into them:

This ARL update seems to address old editions which are quite unlikely to appear in version 11.5 or later. However, "Standard" and "Advanced" is not part of DB2 product and remains listed as a separate edition. Is there a reason why they were not included in this rearrangement?


DB2 editions.jpg

By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Thanks for the information. We wanted to execute stage by stage. The remaining ones will be taken care of at the earliest. 

Level 4

In any future announcements like this, it would be appreciated if the table documenting the changes could include the Publisher, Product, Version & Edition fields, along with the Name field. Seeing the changes with this extra detail, as demonstrated in Povilas' post, will assist to make the changes easier to understand. :0)