What Does "Verified by Oracle" Mean to You?

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If you're managing a large enterprise, you probably have Oracle products in your environment. And if you do, then I bet Oracle is one of the largest software vendors by spend in your environment.

Having FlexNet Manager gives you the ability to manage your Oracle licenses and optimize your Oracle license investments.

FlexNet Manager is also "Verified by Oracle," which is important.  But what does being "Verified by Oracle" mean?

In short, it means that our verified tools (FlexNet Manager and Nova Ratio) collect all the data required by Oracle when performing a license audit for Oracle Database or when they're engaged in consulting activities aimed at maximizing the value of your Oracle Database investments. This will allow you to avoid having to deploy Oracle's scripts during those activities, accelerating those activities and reducing risks associated with introducing new components to your server environments.

What being "Verified by Oracle" does not mean is that you automatically get unique licensing insights about Oracle Database.  It also doesn't mean the verified tool can help you to effectively manage license compliance for other Oracle applications.

We at Flexera have incorporated many years of licensing expertise to provide you with a solution that not only collects data needed by Oracle during their activities, but also a solution which allows you to manage and optimize your Oracle license investments (not just Oracle Database investments, but also Java SE, WebLogic, EBS, Hyperion, PeopleSoft and other applications). Simply being "Verified by Oracle" doesn't deliver that benefit. You can check our our November 2018 webinar discussing our capabilities for more information and some important hints about managing your Oracle licenses.

Don't get me wrong, it is important to be "Verified by Oracle".  But that's only a beginning. After all, your goal is to optimize your investments, not just shorten audits.

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Thank you.  It is important to bring clarity to such points - too often we make wrong assumptions like " we will never be audited by Oracle if we run FNMS".

We must not forget that implementing  FNMS and gaining valuable insights into our environments is actually about being prepared - we must know what is used and how it is used to optimize our procurement and contracting decisions, as well as defend against vendor  audits. 

FNMS is not a magic wand, but rather a comprehensive set of building blocks able support a mature SAM practice.