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Flexera Alumni

We are excited to announce the latest release of the Software License Optimization Guide . The guide is now available in the Community Learning Center along with expanded Learning Tracks tied to topics in the guide.

The guide provides Best Practice recommendations to those responsible for organizing what to do (workstreams) and when to do it (milestones) as they relate to establishing an optimized license position. It covers best practices to establishing key objectives designed to achieve quick time to value in initial milestones, as well as enhanced value through later milestones. The guide divides the workload into separate workstreams for differing teams, and  associated learning tracks are linked to these workstreams to provide role-based How To's and video demonstrations to help those involved in all aspects of  planning, discovery, inventory & establishing the optimized license position.

A Flexera Community Logon is required to access the guide and the key Learning Tracks related to the Software License Optimization Guide:

Two Worksheets have also been provided along with the guide:

We're always looking for real world input and feedback on best practices you've found helpful to your program and using FlexNet Manager. We ask that you post those experiences and feedback to the FlexNet Manager Community Forum.

Best Regards,
Steve Mullins
Enablement Manager