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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

A Knowledge Base Article: Adobe Subscriptions Optimization Report & Adobe Portal Users importer provides you the guidance and the code to import your subscription automatically from the Adobe Portal (PowerShell script) or Active Directory Groups (Business Adapter) and get the details of an Adobe Subscription optimization reports that analyzes user per user the subscribed licenses, the installed and used applications, and that makes prioritized recommendations for subscriptions downgrade or cancellation, along with financial savings

With more details...

Importing Subscriptions

If an integration between your Azure Active Directory and the Adobe Portal, you will just need to manage AD groups that will map with the Adobe CC subscriptions.


You can also use a PowerShell script (provided the Knowledge Base article) that directly ready in the Adobe portal and generates a flat file with the full list of  active subscriptions for Creative Cloud Suite and Standalone products (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator...).

From compliance to action: assessing your possible optimizations and recommended reclamations

A report, also provided the Adobe Subscriptions Optimization Report & Adobe Portal Users importer KB article, analyzes user per user the subscribed plan, installed applications, related to the plan, used applications... and makes recommendations on optimizations (downgrades, stop of subscriptions...).

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Level 5

Is this for FlexNet Manager On-Premise, or the Cloud?

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @sissonr, reading subscriptions in the Adobe Portal or AD groups and creating allocations works on both on Prem and SaaS.

The Optimization report, that is running advanced SQL queries to catch the data is on Prem only. The report is planned to be implemented on the Cloud Instance in Q1 2022.

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Level 6

I feel that this is really helpful once I implement this in our end, but I'm having some troubles in terms of creating the xml. Is there anyway I can get some assistance?