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Have an idea for changing FlexNet Manager? The product team wants to hear it

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You can help shape Flexera's future by sharing ideas for improving FlexNet Manager solutions. We know you work with this product, probably every day. Not only see how well it works now, but you also have ideas for making it better.   

Your feedback is essential to informing product decisions and shaping how FlexNet Manager and other Flexera solutions will evolve.  The Ideas board is gone. But, don’t worry. Ideas you submitted to the Idea board are not lost. And a new spot for collecting ideas will find a permanent place on the Flexera Community in June.  

In the meantime, we still want to hear your suggestions.    

The comments below this article are your spot to offer ideas. Flexera’s product team will regularly review the ideas you post.  The product team primarily is watching for ideas that gain traction among members of the community.  That’s why it’s important for you to both leave your ideas but also support other excellent product ideas you see.   

How it works:    

  1. You’ll need to register with and log in to the community. Click “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner. If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking “Let’s go!’ on the sign in page. Or log in if you already are registered.   
  2. Check if your suggestion already is posted in the comments below. If it is, click the thumbs up to give it a kudo. More likes will increase the visibility and help us prioritize.   
  3. Submit your idea for a product change, if it isn’t there.   

One more thing: You don’t need to mention bug fixes or other issues that Flexera’s Support team could handle.  

You can open a support case by clicking on “Get Support” drop-down menu at the top of the page if you have a maintenance plan.   

Thank you for your help. 

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Intrepid explorer

Hi @pavol_holes ,

I'm aware of the solution and actually test it, but this is available only for Windows, what about rest of the OS, like Linux, AIX, HP-UX,etc?

When you use only one beacon, you will have 6-8 packages to deploy, for 4-5 beacons , you will have a lot more packages to deploy :)


Flexera beginner

Out of the box reporting to monitor changes on the estate.  Such as:

  • Any new commercial software discovered in the last x number of days
  • Any license where the compliance position has changed in the last x days


Occasional contributor

Dashboard with possibility to filter on Enterprise groups

Now there is one general Dashboard.

It would like to see possibilities to filter it on Enterprise structure like location, corporate unit or costcenter to give for example a nice specific overview to the corporate unit it involves.

Of course als possibilities to save view in management index.

Best regards, Frank

Occasional contributor

- Please include IP address while listing devices for an Application

- An option to export the Targets, Rules and the schedules of all the Rules

Flexera beginner
Hi, We have a large Financial Services company - an existing and long-standing FNMS customer, here in Australia that would like to see a Google Cloud PowerShell-based adapter, like the ones that currently connect to both Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.
Flexera beginner

We've had some challenges recently understanding why certain licenses have been \ not been assigned to installations.

It would be useful if there was

1. a troubleshooting guide of how to approach this and things to check

2. a log against an inventory device that showed the reasoning and logic steps that FNMS has followed to reach the allocation it has.

Active participant

Add 120 and 180 day options to the event views; e.g., Hardware Assets | Events | Asset Lease Expiry.  Or, alternatively, provide the ability to add these options ourselves with instructions for doing so.


Application Used: Yes - No - No data.

Application usage metering results from the WebUI can be problematic as a "no" can mean either

  1. there is no metering data (for compliance reasons, or technical issues)
  2. there is metering data, but the application was just not used.

I would like to see the output enriched. For example, if there was no usage data for the specific inventory at all, why not have it say "no data"?

Flexera beginner

Oracle needs lots of improvements. For starters, the Oracle Instances view should include the full path to each instance, where Cluster and Host information is shown in their own field. Similarly to what is shown in the Virtual Devices and Cluster view, but with each item existing in it's own field. For instance, path DBCLUSTER01/ESXi01/DBServer/Ora123 would display as:

Name                       Type

DBCLUSTER01     Cluster

ESXi01                     Host

DBServer                VM

Ora123                    Instance

And when exported to Excel, each would be in it's own field/column rather than concatenated into one field/column as happens today when exporting from the Virtual Devices and Cluster view. For instance, Column A = Cluster, Column B = Host, Column C = VM, Column D = Instance.

This type of information is quite useful when analyzing the Oracle license consumption for the entire virtualized environment.

Flexera beginner

The Oracle Instance view should include:

The options Installed and Used by each instance, currently listed in the Oracle Instance Properties view, should be visible. I understand this would mean multiple line items for each instance if enabled via the field chooser but they would allow the ability to see all Oracle information in a single view.

The Business Application and Licensed (Yes/No) fields currently listed in the Oracle Instance Properties view should also be visible.


Windows Agent - WMI tracking.

As mentioned in the discussion here, please consider improving the agent functionality. If inside Windows standard functions are called to collect WMI data, it should be possible to also introduce a parameter for alternate namespaces.


Improved library import logging.

For on prem installations, ARL/SKU/PURL issues, I have to look for logs in completely other places than the rest of the logs. And even then, the files do usually contain very limited details and I have to run the executables to see any specific errors. Improvements could be:

  • Incorporate the corresponding logs into the (ProgramData) logging folder structure
  • Make the logs available for download in the WebUI
  • Improve the default log level
Active participant

Hi All,

it would be nice to get a simple way to check which account has access to which tenant.

When you go to "All Accounts" in a tenant, you will see all accounts of all tenants.
That is fine, but when you have more than 20 tenants it's not so easy to check it.

Every time when we start a user review, we must check every tenant separately.
Perhaps you can add one more tab on "Accounts" like check "permission of an account" ?

Best regards

Flexera oqueck


how about showing in FlexNet Manager Web UI - Dashboard - in detail which PURL has been imported successfully and not only update the version number right after the first one has been imported successfully.

Thanks & best regards