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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

You’re probably aware of IBM Cloud Paks. They’re integrated software solutions built on the Red Hat open hybrid cloud platform. These make it possible to deploy anywhere in the Kubernetes container environment that builds on top of the open-source Kubernetes orchestration technology. With IBM Cloud Paks, you get faster and more reliable ways to build, move and manage on the cloud. 

Flexera has long been an approved IBM sub-capacity tool. FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) is the only accepted tool available as an approved replacement outside of IBM's IASP program. FNMS provides out-of-the-box IBM sub-capacity reporting for the IBM-defined regions of America, Europe/Africa and the Asia Pacific. 

FNMS tracks hardware computing resources and software changes. It also offers the ability to retain historical data for retroactive alterations at any time and adjust the sub-capacity licenses based on any adjustments. 

IBM licensing is known to be highly complex, due to the frequent data collection and retention requirements for sub-capacity reporting. With the recent introduction of IBM Cloud Paks, each individual charged product part contributes to the IBM Cloud Pak peak consumption. This is based on its Virtual Processor Core (VPC)-to-license ratio. Flexera's FNMS/IT Asset Management can now provide support for IBM Cloud Paks sub-capacity reporting and transparency. This provides visibility into each product instance running in Kubernetes. 

Licensing compliance is challenging, but Flexera can help you track your hardware and software to keep you compliant while optimizing your software spend. As an accepted third-party tool, we can provide the IBM-trusted sub-capacity reporting you need.