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Flexera Alumni

To better understand the results of the reconciliation, Flexera has created a couple of new views in the FlexNet Manager 2019 R2 release.

One available from the “Show assessment details” button on the consumption tab of a license.

Show Assessment Details

Show Assessment Details.gif


And the other “Show licenses assessed” on the license tab of a device and user showing all of the licenses considered during a reconciliation and providing reasons why the license was consumed or not.

Show Licenses Assessed

Show Licenses Assessed.gif

For each application/license possible pair, it gives the result of the license assessment (Consumed, Rejected, or Not assessed), together with a summary reason.

For example:

  • It might be consumed because allocation of a license entitlement to this device triggers automatic consumption
  • Or it may have been rejected because the number of cores, required for calculating consumption for this license type, is missing for a device

For more information on the new License Transparency and the reconciliation process, be sure to refer "Understanding Reconciliation Results " article available in the online help as well as the Understanding How Licenses Work" learning track  from the "License Creation & Optimization" online course available in the Community Learning Center.