New Learning Center Videos: Configure FlexNet Operations to Run FlexNet Embedded XT Kit Examples

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New to FlexNet Operations and FlexNet Embedded Licensing, and not sure where to start? Check out our latest set of training videos Configure FlexNet Operations to Run FlexNet Embedded XT Kit Examples.

These videos walk you through configuring the FlexNet Operations environment to support FlexNet Embedded Licensing, and how to use either the .NET, C, or JAVA FlexNet Embedded XT toolkit to complete a license activation. 

You can find these videos in the Flexera Software Learning Center, located under FlexNet Embedded -> Quickstart: FlexNet Operations with FlexNet Embedded Licensing

Configure FNO to run FNE XT kit examples.PNG

Unsure how to access the Learning Center, see the community article: How to Access Content in Our Learning Center. If you still have issues accessing content, please reach out to our Flexera Technical Support team.