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Releasing series of Acquired licenses

Releasing series of Acquired licenses


How do you return acquired license with Feature information and not just the last acquired license?


We're using FNE 2018 R1 and wants to release/ return a few selected node-locked licenses. Currently, for node-locked licenses, we are able to release only the last Acquired license. Is it possible to return few acquired licenses?

Step 1: Acquire("Feat 1" , 1);
Step 2: Acquire("Feat 1" , 3);
Step 3: Release("Feat 1", 1);
Step 4: Release("Feat 1", 2);
Step 4: Release("Feat 1", 1);

We are acquiring/releasing from local Trusted Storage. There is no error as such. FlcReturnLicense expects the license reference pointer which is returned by the FlcAcquireLicenses method. The problem is it is tedious to maintain the reference to the list of acquired features, hence we want to know how to return the acquired license with the "Feature information" and not just the last acquired license. Is this possible, and if so, how?


Perhaps one approach would be to make use of FlxPublisherLicenseCollectionCreate to get hold of the collection of acquired licenses and then return an appropriate entry assuming they find one that matches, but note that these are effectively the handles returned by FlxPublisherAcquireLicense(s) so they cannot return a partial count, although the presumption would be you could then change your acquisition calls to request one count at a time and then you'd be able to return one as needed. In this case you no longer need to keep track of license handles themselves.
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