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Is there a way to recover lost admin password with LLS?

Is there a way to recover lost admin password with LLS?


Is there a way to recover lost admin password with LLS?


Instructions on "Managing Administrative Security on a Local License Server or CLS Instance" are outlined starting on p49 of the FNE 2018 R2 SP3 License Server Administration Guide. Here's the relevant excerpt:

Resets default administrator password

For a local license server: Uses one of the following:
? -authorize command option (to authenticate default administrator credentials) with -users -edit options
in FlexNet License Server Administrator command-line tool (flexnetlsadmin).
Default credentials are required.2
? Appropriate facility in producer?s custom administrator tool. Default credentials are required.4

It mentions that the admin password is required to reset the password. In Honeywell's case is, the password is lost and customer wants to reset it. It's similar to "Forget password" scenario. Its not clear from the instructions above; how exactly can this scenario be handled with FNE?


You need to create a replacement producer-settings.xml with an admin password.

Here are the steps followed to reset the admin password (if customer forgets the admin password)
1. Delete the ServerStore (this contains the Features and the admin password)
2. Restart the License Server, so that this reads the default password from producer-settings.xml
3. Use the flexnetlsadmin to change the password. (Note: Customer should know the default password to change it)
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Could you clarify what the "ServerStore" is and how to delete it? Also, will this cause features deployed on this license server to be lost? If yes, how does the customer get them back?



The ServerStore here being referred to as TS(trusted Storage) of Local License Server. Which means if you delete the TS, on restarting of LLS, it will again read the default's from producer-settings.xml and make a new entry into the LLS DB.

Up on deleting the TS,  LLS will lose the features and served clients information. If your LLS is online (have the lfs.url set) and sync params are switched on, then it will recover the last information available from the Back Office(FNO).

In case of offline LLS, you can recover only feature information by manually downloading license file from FNO.

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