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When to connect with FNO vs CLS, in context of FNE .NET Core SDK.


I would like to understand drawbacks of connecting directly to FNO (back office) over CLS, where (any use cases) would we go wrong if we connect with FNO over CLS.

Kindly give your recommendations on when it is must have to use CLS over FNO.



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Hi, kindly respond with guidance. Else I'll have to log a case for quicker feedback. 

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Hi @nhmflexera Please create a support case with more details. 

Best Regards,

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Hi @nhmflexera ,

In general a Server (Cloud or Local) will be used when you want to provide a floating / concurrent license model.  In this scenario clients request licenses from a Server when needed and return them back to the Server when no longer required.  This will allow many users to share a smaller quantity of licenses as not all users/devices will need a license at the same time.  If you need to provide individual node-locked licenses where each client device gets it's own license then a direct activation with FNO would be the recommended approach.

If you plan on providing metered/usage based license models then a Server must be used.