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SetHostId in FlexNet Embedded

Today our product is using MotherBoardSerialNumber as the HostId, therefore when we GetILicensing from the SDK, we pass in the MotherBoardSerialNumber as hostId.

  • FlxDotNetClient.LicensingFactory.GetLicensing(IdentityData, TrustedStoragePath, <MotherBoardId>)

This works well. Now we need to extend this license scheme to support virtualization.


The Logic the I would like to implement is

  •  call FlxDotNetClient.ILicensing.LicenseManager.HostIds
  • if HostIdEnum.FLX_HOSTID_TYPE_VM_UUID exist, then call FlxDotNetClient.ILicensing.LicenseManager.SetHostId with the retrieved VM UUID.
  • Else use the MotherBoardSerialNumber as HostId, however when I called FlxDotNetClient.ILicensing.LicenseManager.SetHostId, I not sure what is the HostIdEnum to pass in??



If I still pass in the MotherBoardId during GetLicensing

  • FlxDotNetClient.LicensingFactory.GetLicensing(IdentityData, TrustedStoragePath, <MotherBoardId>)

Then when detected is VM environment, I call SetHostId with the VM_UUID, will the VM_UUID override the MotherBoardId?


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