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Is REST-driving API's & CMAPI the same?


We are evaluating options like FNE SDK, REST API & CMAPI's. If i lookt at CMAPI documentation it has only couple of API's & the License Server REST api documentation has many others but also has mentions of CMAPI.

I do see api difference like in REST - /request & in CMAPI - /access-request. 

If both are REST based, please provide with some pointers in terms of why both exist & thier differences, when to use which.

Need your help in resolving my confusion.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @nhmflexera ,

The License Server REST APIs are used for configuration & management of either a FlexNet Embedded Cloud or Local License Server.  The are used to perform functions such as license server activation,  obtain server features and served client information,  create feature partitions to allocate features to specific devices/groups, etc.   License Servers are typically used for floating or metered usage-based licensing.  Use cases that involve license activation of a standalone system do not typically involve the use of License Servers as they will perform a direct activation with FlexNet Operations.    

REST-driven licensing APIs and the Cloud Monetization API (CMAPI) are one in the same.  They provide APIs to preview & request features (or send metered usage) to a License Server.  They are primarily intended for use with Cloud Applications hosted in a environment where secure storage of license rights is not critical, or in on-premise device applications that cannot be supported by our wide variety of FlexNet Embedded SDKS.  

Most customers that wish to embed licensing into on-premise applications use the more robust SDK approach.

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Hi, good to understand this. Is there a way we can use License server REST API (or say CMAPI) to talk to FNO directly with some twick, if so kindly provide any such document links.


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Hi @nhmflexera ,

The License Server REST APIs are designed for use within your application to communicate with and manage a License Server.  FNO has it's own set of Web Services (please refer to the FNO Web Services Integration Guide).



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