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How to get borrow interval from capability response served to client in response to a capability request.

We are using flexnet 2017.02 release.
Is there any way to get the borrow interval from capability response?
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Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Hi @umakantpatel 

Reading your comment I believe this is more of a question around FlexNet Embedded rather than FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications with you mentioning capability responses and the version number being 2017.02.

However I believe this article may be able to assist you with your query as you would be able to configure these yourself.

You could also check for the following function in the documentation for more information on this.


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Hi @sjackson ,

FlcCapabilityResponseGetRenewInterval this function will only give me the renew interval. But here i want the value of Borrow interval in the client side, which is defined in my License model definition.

i Tried looking for some function like FlcCapabilityResponseGetBorrowInterval but its not present in the documentation available to us.

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Hi @umakantpatel ,

I do not believe the borrow interval is explicitly returned in the capability response, however it is implied in the expiration date of the requested feature(s).  For example, the default borrow interval set in the license model in FlexNet Operations is 7 days.  If you request a license for a feature today, the returned expiration date in the capability response will be 7 days from today.  The difference between the expiration date and request date will typically be the borrow interval, assuming you are not approaching entitlement expiration.  For further details please search for "borrow interval" in the SDK User Guide. 

Best regards,

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