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FlxLicensesingClient.Core.dll . Deactivation online

I am using FlxLicensesingClient.Core.ddl V. 2022.2.0 for .NET C# APP.

I use TrustedStorageLocation.

I activate online Activation Id using in following workflow :
- CreateCapabilityRequest
- CommFactory.Create(licenseServerUrl).SendBinaryMessage
- ProcessCapabilityResponse

After activation I can read the license features and evaluate the data

1. Is it possible to read (using the SDK API) which Activation ID'S have I activated on my PC?

2. During deactivation, same workflow as activation only count is 0 (zero),
I sporadically get an error:

"A service system error was encountered: Response is out of order with previous responses.

If I call the deactivation function immediately after the error, then it works.

What could it be.
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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @PeterKlonowski ,

With respect to your first question, you can specify that FlexNet Operations insert the line item activation ID into the generated license (capability response) using what is called a substitution variable into one of the the available license model attributes such as Notice or Serial Number.  You will then have access to the Activation ID(s) in the trusted storage license on the client which is very helpful for deactivation.  The substitution variable for Activation ID is {EntitlementLineItem.activationId}.  You can search for "Substitution Variable" using the online help for further information. 

Best regards,


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