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FlexNet Embedded and FNMEA, api documentation

We have available FNMEA.  One of our vendors licences its software using FlexNet Embedded.

Is there any way that we can get user data into FNMEA from this licence server?

I am aware that I can get some information from this server by issuing the (from my Linux machine) command:
curl -X GET --url http://server1:7070/api/1.0/features

This returns a list of features and licences available/used.
Where can I get a list of other possible queries?  For example, I'd like to know the users of a particular feature.  
It seems that I cannot download any FlexNet Embedded documentatio9n as we do not have this product.



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Re: FlexNet Embedded and FNMEA, api documentation

Hi @john_evans ,

The FlexNet Embedded license server does not natively support FNMEA, however as you have discovered there are REST APIs that can be used to manage/query the server for details on features, clients, etc.   Note that access via these REST APIs may be role/password protected depending on the software producer's security policy configuration.    I'd recommend reaching out to your software vendor for specifics, however some of the common endpoints to obtain client/feature information are shown below:





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