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FlcLicensingCreate crashing on windows 10

Hi ,

We are using Flexnet Embedded 2017 R2 for our product. Initially the toolkit was built using VS2010 on windows 7.Recently we migrated the client using VS2017 on windows 10.
After migration the API FlcLicensingCreate seems to be failing and crashing on activation.

Do I have to build the FNE toolkit using VS 2017 windows 10? Do I need the windows 10 compatible FlxComm.dll & FlxCore.dll?
Do we have different version of the toolkit to build using VS2017 on windows 10?

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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hello @Sambareen , do you have an error from when it crashes or a crash dump? I am assuming you are using the 2017 R2 C XT kit, according to the release notes this is validated on Windows 10