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FNE Local License Server Performance metrics?

What's the best way to find the performance metrics for the FNE Local License Server?  I'm trying to determine how many requests a second (RPS) it can process and if having a single server with a backup (per https://learning.revenera.com/best-practice-guide-flexnet-embedded-local-license-server-high-availability/479317) is sufficient for our use case.  We've got a requirement to handle 500 simultaneous requests gracefully and have up to 10,000 overall requests for a given counted license.  We're using Kubernetes to handle the scale for the rest of our application but the Local License Server must live outside K8s containers since it holds state (TrustedStorage).

Will a single FNE Local License Server instance handle this scale out of the box?  Is there some configuration I'd need to setup to ensure it will scale to this level?

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