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Deleting devices

I would have few questions regarding deleting devices:

1. Deleting devices is only accessible through the API - using deleteDevice method, correct?
Other option here is to obsolete device - but from the GUI.

2. Can we check somehow deleted devices (obsolete devices are visible in Portal - but deleted devices? is there any log files to this?)

3. Regarding  managing permissions in scope of devices in API:  If we dont tick the right which is called "Manage Devices" in FlexNet Embedded the user can't both create device in API, delete device in API or map activation ids to a device. Is there any possibility to have combination of rights where user will be able to create device, map activation ids, BUT not delete device? (i've tested few possibilities but nothing seems to fulfill this requirement)

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Deleting devices

Hi @polszewski ,

  1. Correct, the only way to delete a device is via the deleteDeviceRequest Web Service.
  2. I do not believe there is any logging available on device deletions via API.  
  3. There is no granular permission to allow create/map but not delete.  Feel free to create a ticket for consideration as an enhancement.



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