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Checking if a capability response would alter the device state

We are using the Flexnet C SDK for licensing on our clients. We mostly perform offline licensing scenarios, where we upload a capability response manually to the device in order to distribute the required licenses.

We have encountered a problem that we wanted to discuss. In case we upload a capability response file that has already been successfully used once a second time the internal C API function returns an error, namely FLXERR_RESPONSE_STALE.

We want to adapt the functionality so that we only return an error inside our function if the capability response would change to a state of the licenses inside trusted storage, i.e. if licenses are removed / added.

In case the capability response has already been processed, but if the response would not change (add or remove licenses) we do not want to return an error. Could you make a suggestion on how to implement this in a most efficient way using the C SDK API?

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