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CLS : renew interval, how does it work ?

When I borrow a license from the CLS, the only way I found to avoid losing the license on the client side, is to redo the borrowing request, before the end of the borrowing period.

In other words, if I understand the "Borrow Interval", on the client side, when I borrow a license and I set a "Borrow Interval" to 30 minutes, I have to renew it before the end of the 30 minutes so that nobody can use the license until I have returned it.

But I don't understand the principle of the "Renew Interval" which is equal, by default, to 15% of the "Borrow Interval".
I can't find any documentation on how it works or how to set it in C#.
Is it useful? What should we do on the client side?

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Re: CLS : renew interval, how does it work ?

Hi @wlagriffoul ,

Your understanding is correct.  When you request a license from a server it will expire locally on the client after the borrow interval period lapses.  You need to periodically renew the license prior to expiration for a new borrow interval.  The renew interval is returned by the server in the capability response.   You can use this returned value in your code to determine when you want to renew the license.

There is a previous post on the subject here:


Here's the example I previously provided from the .NET XT SDK where the capabilityrequest example was modified to print out the renew interval:


With that said, I believe a recent server-side code change may be impacting the return of the correct renew interval value and is currently under investigation.  



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