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Flexera beginner

Automatic Updates without FLEXnet Connect

I have the Limited Edition of InstallShield that comes with the Professional Edition of Visual Studio. I want to host my updates on my own server, like you can in the ClickOnce Publication settings. I would like to have the application autoupdate if a newer version is available on the server. Is this possible? In the Update Notifications I only see 'Yes - Enable FlexNet Connect with Software Manager 12.01' or 'Yes - Enable FlexNet Connect Without Software Manager'. I don't see any way to have it check a personal FTP site for updates as was available in the ClickOnce settings.
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Re: Automatic Updates without FLEXnet Connect

Hi @Harrison412 ,

FlexNet Connect is being sunset as a product offering (more here  ->-


The successor solution is a licensed module of FlexNet Operations, referred to as Updates and Insights (more informatin here ->


It's a similar solution yet requires integration via a REST API. If interested, please reach out to us here ->


Best Regards,


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