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Problem when Restricted User

When I install my program including the Update Manager on a virgin Windows XP machine running as a restricted user I get the following behavior:

1) First I get the "Install Program As Other User" as expected. I then run the installation under an administrator account.

2) Then it installs my program and (hidden/silent the Update Manager I assume).

3) On my desktop I have a shortcut to my application exe file; this is however not updated with the correct icon? Any suggestions to that?

4) When I click I get the infamous small Install dialog with the cancel button, and shortly thereafter this error:

5) Ignoring this, my program runs as expected but double clicking on the Update Manager in the Control Panel does not open the Update Manager window, nothing happens. After a reboot same thing.

6) After uninstalling my program and reinstalling in the same manner, it still produces the wrong icon for the shortcut to my exe program, but it works without error when double clicking.

7) Trying to get back to the first error situation I uninstalled my application and used the "uninstallupdatemanager.exe" tool found at IS to remove the Update Manager. But I can't get back to the error message?

Any ideas, many of our customers are running as restricted user, and we can't afford them to have installation problems just because of the Update Manager.

- cpede
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Re: Problem when Restricted User

Am I the only one having customers running as restricted users?

Any idea what the error means?

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