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Can't create FNC report anymore due to Flash player

Recently, popular browser don't support Flash Player anymore, which means can't generate report/chars any more. Additionally, can't create report with CSV format.

What is the alternative way to generate new report in these days ?

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Hi @ronen_bachar , 

As you're aware the Flexnet Connect reports no longer produce an "Interactive graph" option. This is down to Adobe Flash Player being EOL from 31-Dec-2020, and is no longer supported in web browsers.

The only option is generating data using XML (on Firefox ONLY). Other browsers do not seem to generate the XML data. 

Hope this helps.




Hi Jmcmillan,

Thanks for your update , it appears like the XML format works on FF. In order to generate a chart (same way I used to through Flash Player) it becomes over complicated.

I wonder about the other formats (CSV,HTML), probably the CSV format will make it much easier, could you please fix those formats to make it doable?

Thanks for your time and update

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Hi @ronen_bachar 

As this moment in time there are no plans to fix the other formats (CSV,HTML).

Kind regards,



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The XML data seems not well formatted, an error appears (in FF):
"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. "

It is hard to use the XML "raw" data that way.


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